Tana Zeigler, RN, LMT

Welcome to Bodywork & Massage for Wellness!

Throughout my 30-year career as a registered nurse, I became increasingly interested in the healing power of massage therapy. My experience helping others learn how to better care for themselves inspired me to explore the world of bodywork and massage.

I was blessed to find The Integrative Bodywork School of Massage Therapy (IBSMT) in State College, PA. My instructors, Aaron, Leslie and Marylin, were very supportive of my decision to continue my nursing career while studying with them. I finished my work at IBSMT in March 2014 and I am excited to begin this new journey.

My family and I live in Lewisburg, PA and share interests in cooking, live music, sports and spending time together. My sons, Bryn and Luke, are graduates of Lewisburg Area High School. I enjoy many outdoor activities including biking and walking, and participate in group fitness and yoga.